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Staff benefits

Working with us offers all sorts of benefits, both professionally and personally:

  • We encourage you to develop your career path and fulfil your potential
  • As a learning organisation you get access to training and courses for extra qualifications
  • Mentoring programmes and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions are available
  • We offer childcare and travel subsidies
  • Cycle schemes can save you money if you travel by bike
  • We are flexible and accommodating, allowing you to be as productive as possible

Working for us includes:

  • Teachers' Pension and Local Government Pension Schemes
  • Generous annual leave entitlements
  • A variety of contract types and working patterns
  • Plenty of public transport options
  • Priority parking for disabled staff, carers and essential car users

Take advantage of everything we have to offer and become part of our culture. You won’t regret it.