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Learner voice


Make friends and make your voice heard!

Learner Voice is all about students. It’s a platform where everyone can contribute and add value to the whole College experience

You could become a student ambassador, student rep or join the Students’ Union (SU) committee.

What was it like when you enrolled for your programme? What did you think of your induction? Which technology works best in the classroom? What do you want from the Students’ Union?

Our student ambassadors and reps will pass your answers to these types of questions onto the SU, who in turn regularly meet with the Principal and senior management team to influence decisions made about the College.

You can also shape the way you are taught by giving us feedback on your course.

Contribute to My Views at any time throughout the year. We guarantee to listen to what you think and will make changes if it’s going to improve your learning experience.


You’ve got plenty of opportunities. Don’t forget to use them.