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Professional Exchange for teachers launches at Reading College

A new programme to support teachers to share, collaborate and develop solutions was launched at Reading College on 23 May.

The Professional Exchange is a new, fully-funded network that will enable education practitioners to collaborate with local providers and improve teaching and learning together.

Activate Learning has partnered with the Education and Training Foundation to bring the initiative to the Thames Valley.

At the launch, teachers from the post-16 sector were invited to identify and work together on projects that will improve the quality of teaching and assessment across the region.

Two initial areas of focus were identified for potential further exploration: 'enabling learners to share responsibility for their own learning and assessment, and setting goals that stretch and challenge' and ‘the use of social media as a staff development tool’.

However, future network events will be used to identify additional themes.

It is not too late if you are a teacher and would like to participate in the programme; please contact James Kieft, Group Learning and Development Manager.