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Staying connected is vital to us, as a growing educational group. It shapes the way we do things and how we work with others.

Embracing connectedness helps sparks internal innovation and fuels new ideas. It is about sharing best practice, passing on skills and knowledge and ensuring that we work efficiently by avoiding duplication.  

It also means reaching out to create new partnerships that help us achieve our vision. Find out more about how we connect with communities, businesses, educational partners and national bodies as part of our mission to transform lives through learning.

Study with us and make the most of our innovative, collaborative approach to teaching and learning.

  • We co-create our learning programmes with students’ input. We believe in student-led learning because it’s most effective.
  • We build our learning programmes with employer input. This means our programmes address employers’ skills needs exactly.
  • We use technology so you can learn, share and collaborate easily. Google hangouts, Moodle, Kaltura video platforms and online feedback are some of our digital connections. 
  • We have teachers with industry expertise and experience. They’re a direct connection to the careers you want because most of them have had successful careers in those fields.  
  • We have industry-standard vocational learning environments, the same as you’ll find when you start your career.