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Rebecca Foster - PGCE

Having previously enjoyed her time as a student at City of Oxford College, Rebecca Foster knew college would be the right place for her to enrol on a PGCE course: ‘‘I want to become a successful art teacher, gaining skills and experience, so I can better share my passion for art to inspire and motivate students to create their own work. The staff support and great teaching raised my confidence in my ability to learn, allowing me to reach my full potential. The college provided great facilities for students, such as free access to computers and an array of books in the library, and its central location is very convenient.’
A key feature of the PGCE course for Rebecca was the opportunity to build on her professional practice from day one very advantageous: ‘I am constantly learning new techniques and skills that can be introduced into my own classroom. The lessons are fun and engaging. I particularly enjoy learning about classroom theories that later can be adapted to suit my progression and teaching. Gaining experience from my placement has sky rocketed my confidence, skills and professional standard. I have felt fully supported by my teacher when finding tasks and assignments difficult. The teachers’ knowledge of the subject matters and her brilliant organisational skills allows consistently for a well-structured and engaging lesson. The teacher always goes the extra mile to ensure students are motivated, happy and learning to their full ability. Through the course I have also met lifelong friends.
‘I would say to any potential students to think carefully about their organisational skills and time management. Planning your time efficiently allows you to produce a large amount of quality work, as well as having sufficient time to overcome any obstacles that may arise. My other advice would be to enjoy learning about the teaching profession, using notes to document activities and knowledge addressed in the lesson.’ 
The future looks bright for Rebecca, who is now looking forward to developing an exciting career in teaching art: ‘Through the PGCE course, I have learnt about the importance of communication, questioning and being, and all the necessary skills to go on to accomplish in future employment. This course has cemented my devotion and made me more determined on becoming an art teacher. I really enjoy teaching students fine art, going the extra mile ensuring each student are successful. I truly cannot imagine doing anything other than teaching. After the course has ended, I am hoping to find a teaching job in a secondary school or an FE college.’