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Roger - BA Hons (top up) Furniture

‘I chose to study the BA Hons (top up) in Furniture at City of Oxford College because the Rycotewood Furniture Centre, in my estimation, offers the finest course in the country.  Many of the professionals I respect in the industry were Rycotewood  trained, as were many of the people who gave me my initial training.  
‘To be here, being taught by people like Joe Bray, who worked at a pretty high level with Richard Williams, himself ex-Rycotewood, is a privilege and a pleasure.  
‘Being on a top-up BA course, I delight in the craft bias of the course, because I work on the principle that there's always something I can usefully learn, and I'll take any opportunity I can to improve my craft skills. In addition, I'm finding out new stuff that I hadn't really thought about until I got here. I'm a huge fan of the quality of teaching and facilities, and I truly believe that the course is turning me into a more complete designer/maker.  
‘I would say to anyone thinking about doing this course: Come to Rycotewood, it's just the best there is!  My future plans, despite being 72 and disabled, include getting back to work.  I've always loved what I do, and to do what I love and get paid for it is just the icing on the cake!  
‘I've drawn so much energy from the other students on the course that I find myself getting more and more ideas by the day - I've just got my hands on a CNC machine for my workshop.  
‘The buzz around this place is terrific, with so many committed and like-minded people to interact with, this is such a boost. Just wonderful!