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Technology-fuelled learning

Today’s young people have been labelled the You Tube generation – and it’s true that the growth in mobile technologies is radically changing the way that we access and share information.

Our students think digitally and this increased accessibility to information and data has resulted in sites such as You Tube becoming the go-to channel for everything from how-to guides to catch-up TV.

It’s no surprise that regular users tend to develop a preference for visual learning styles and begin to expect their information in quick, accessible episodes.

Here’s how Activate Learning is responding to changes:

  • Making use of a cloud-based video platform (similar to You Tube) onto which students and staff can post their own video content. This enables teachers to share information and demonstrate techniques ahead of classes, thereby freeing up time for practical application. It is also increasing peer-to-peer learning by encouraging students to comment on videos posted by others
  • Providing digital Learning Zones to support independent learning. The zones are equipped with ipads, Apple TVs, wireless keyboards and laptops and are staffed by Learning Coaches; graduates with expertise in digital technologies who can help students to carry out research and develop group work
  • Integrating social media platforms into our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to improve course communication
  • Using Google Docs for creating and feeding back on students’ assignments and progress. We find that our students like creating their work in this way because they can work collaboratively, it is automatically saved and they can access it on their phones. They can also receive immediate feedback on their progress
  • Delivering course content online via the VLE, enabling students to upload assignments for feedback and marking, reducing print

Read our case studies to find out more about our innovative use of technology:

  • Our JISC case study explores how we are enhancing the digital experience of our students by placing technology at the heart of teaching, learning and assessment practices.
  • We are featured as a case study on 'Mastering technology of governance for learning', an online resource for governors commissioned and funded by the Education & Training Foundation. 
  • Reading College is featured as a case study (p.134-136) on the 'Technology and employability' report by JISC, exploring how innovative uses of technology can help develop student employability. 

Our approach to technology-fuelled learning led to three shortlistings at the 2013 JISC Awards. Our ILT team has also been sharing best practice at sector events such as the Association of College’s Cloud Technology Conference.